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The Nutritional Phenotype project
The Nutritional Phenotype project is workbench environment to perform nutritional intervention studies where extensive phenotyping is important. It provides guidelines and procedurese for all relevant stages of these studies,  storage of biologically relevant, pre-processed –omics data, as well as study descriptive and phenotype data and to enable the combination of this information at different levels (e.g. link phenotype, genotype, food intake, information on study design and -omics measurements and to combine all of this with existing knowledge).

Each module of the nutritional phenotype database is embedded in an environment of standard procedures and protocols. The NuGO SOP Portal has a structure which is identical to the dbNP.

The nutritional phenotype database is extensively described in a publication in Genes & Nutrition 2010.

The dbNP is an evolving enterprise which is only sustainable if it is accepted and adopted by the wide nutrition and health research community as an open source, pre-competitive and publicly available resource where many partners both can contribute and profit from its developments. The open source programming environment is located at www.dbnp.org.

Technical discussions and feature information can be found on
- the functional specifications of dbNP

Biological issues are discussed on:
- Biological needs

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