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Announcement with respect to the availability e-learning modules as of 1st April 2012
(update 7th March 2012)

NuGO NoE developed several e-learning modules since 2005. These modules have been made available as NuGO certified e-learning courses not only for affiliates to the project but also for the nutrigenomics community worldwide.

After the NuGO project ended the e-learning activities have been supported by the NuGO Association (the legal entity that succeeded NuGo NoE) and by the Graduate School VLAG (Wageningen University). However, funding to maintain the e-learning courses is no longer available.

Therefore it has been decided to end the NuGO certified courses as of 1st April 2012. Only participants who already started the courses will have support till this date, can do their exams and will receive their certificates.

For persons affiliated with one of the 24 NuGO member organizations access to the learning material will remain available for the time being. However, the NuGO secretariat can only assist in providing access (contact Ingeborg van Leeuwen-Bol at Ingeborg.vanLeeuwen-Bol@wur.nl)

The titles of the modules are:
* Molecular Nutrition and Genomics
* Polymorphisms and Responsiveness to Diet
* Proteomics
* Nuclear Receptors in Nutrition