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Miconutrient genomics
The Micronutrient Genomics Project Portal

The project
The micronutrient genomics project  builds and provides a bioinformatics portal to assist micronutrient researchers in finding and working with omics information, data and results. The project provides an integrated biological network for all micronutrients that allows users to :

  • access all relevant genetic variations related to the biological activity,
  • visualize transcriptome results,
  • visualize plasma metabolomics results.
  • develop specialized applications.
The toolbox
The Micronutrient genomics project portal access all project parts and find all the information on progress, meetings, teams, etc..

Log in from this page (after registration), acceses the micronutrient genomics project intranet pages. 
This project a community effort, i.e. everyone can contribute. Interested? For the Micronutrient Genomics Project, please contact Prof Michael Fenech, Michael.Fenech@csiro.au (CSIRO - Australia)