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Nutrition Researcher Cohort

The Nutrition Researcher Cohort is a new generation open access cohort where each individual provides and owns her/his own health data that both provide an empowerment for individual health optimization, brought together, a powerful open access cohort.
It will
-   Identify, develop, standardize and integrate a panel of analytical self-quantification methods. 
-   Enroll 1000+ (nutrition) researchers who contribute to this cohort by testing this panel.
-   Build a 'personal health portal' that provides on all data to the participant 
-   Build a data infrastructure that allows use of anonymized data for research. 
-   Tackle all ethical, legal and organizational obstacles.
-   Coordiate the NRC towards a sutainable cohort beyond the two-year initiation phase.

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The NRC is thus a stepping stone “design phase” for a new way to merge observational research, personal health empowerment, nutritional intervention studies and preventive healthcare with the goal to become a globally accepted standard. The NRC will lead to a new relationship between research and healthcare; study subjects are not just passive data-and-blood-donating humans but they receive direct benefit from participating in research by personalized health advice based on their personal data. 

Ideally, the whole world would become a self-quantifying cohort concerning personal healthcare. In practice, all participants in this cohort self-report on a series of measurements (DIY or performed in a lab) at the frequency and intensity that he or she chooses, respecting a minimal set of parameters, and by communicating on this, the NRC comes to a series of SOPs on what and how to measure variables.

The NRC-booth during the NuGOweek 2013 in Freising-Weihenstephan